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Pivotal Kids Clinic has launched!

After months of preparation and hard work, I'm really excited to announce that Pivotal Kids Clinic is up and running. We have embraced some exciting technological advances aimed at improving your experience as my patients.

  • Check in kiosk - When you arrive, you can use your child's health card to check in at our user friendly kiosk. The kiosk may ask that you update your contact information. This ensures that I can stay in contact with my patients.

  • Online forms - You may receive an email asking you to complete a form or questionnaire online, prior to your appointment. This will provide me with really helpful information, and it will give us more time to discuss your questions and concerns.

  • Appointment reminders - You will be reminded by text, email or telephone call (depending on what contact information we have on file). Once you receive your text reminder, you can confirm or cancel your appointment right from your mobile device.

  • Online booking (coming soon) - in the next few weeks, we will go live with our online booking option. You will be able to request appointments via our online portal, so that you don't have to struggle to get through on the telephone, or wait for our receptionist to get to your call.

By utilizing these options, I hope to make it easier for you to get through to us when you have a concern that can't be dealt with online. Of course for patients that prefer to speak to someone live, you are always welcome to call during business hours.

Thanks for reading my update. I'm excited for everyone to visit my new clinic. See you soon and stay healthy!

Dr. Cellupica

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